Kerabit RA-TA 60 K+

Kerabit RA-TA 60 K+, a plastic underlay is a fabric underlay woven of HPDE polyethylene and laminated on one side with LDPE polyethylene. The other side is covered with a polypropylene fabric absorbing condensation moisture.

This product is UV-protected.



This product is used as an underlay on tile, metal and other laminar roofing. The roofing proper must be installed within one month of the installation of the underlay.


Handling and storage information

Underlay rolls should be kept protected from the weather and sunlight.

  • Tyvek Windbarrier tape for seaming, repairing and waterproofing the underlay
  • Isola FlexWrap for fastening the underlay to a chimney and lead-throughs.
  • Kerabit Butyl Strip for fastening the underlay to the eaves flashings and the laths and the underlay
Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Estonia
Conformity marking CE
Production material LDPE film, HDPE fabric, PP non-woven fabric
Nominal weight 140 g/m²
Rolls size 1,5 x 40 m / 60 m²
Colours white
Need for materials surface area of roof x 1,15
Packages / pallet 60 rlls
Weight / package 8,4 kg
Weight / pallet 526 kg