Nordic Waterproofing – expertise in roofing

Kerabit Oy has hundred years of exprience in roofing.

Kerabit Oy (former Nordic Waterproofing Oy) is a Finnish enterprise manufacturing and marketing Kerabit products with experience and know-how of a hundred years.

The Kerabit product range includes a number of highquality roofing and waterproofing products, in addition to bituminous roofing.

We have been exporting Kerabit products all over the world more than 30 years now. Our main export areas are Scandinavia, Central and Eastern European countries.

We also import green roofing products. Further information from retailers.

Kerabit - a high quality brand

Kerabit is a high-quality Finnish bitumen brand. Kerabit bitumen roofing bears the Key Flag symbol as a sign of high-quality Finnish work. Kerabit bitumen roofing has been manufactured in our factory in Lohja since 1955, at first as the brand Pikipoika and since 2003 as Kerabit.

Product range

Our product range consists of following products among others:

  • SBS-elastomer bitumen felts
  • SBS-elastomer bitumen roofing shingles (several colors and 5 different shapes)
  • self-adhesive membranes
  • single-ply roofing membranes
  • underlayment.

In the complete Kerabit range you will find several colors and patterns. The products are made to stand out our heavy weather conditions in the north. The bitumen membranes and roofing shingles are complemented by a wide range of accessories, high-quality liquid products for membrane bonding and other products for waterproofing applications.

Part of a Nordic Group

Kerabit Oy is part of Nordic Waterproofing Group which is listed in Nasdaq Stockholm. Nordic Waterproofing is one of Europe’s leading producers and suppliers of waterproofing products and services for buildings and infrastructure. 

Our production and sales has been certified by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.