Kerabit Modified Bitumen Seal

The Kerabit Modified Bitumen Seal enables waterproof and chemical-resistant seals.  

A ring well sealed with Kerabit Modified Bitumen Seal is able to withstand external and internal water pressure and frost action. Due to its composition, Kerabit Modified Bitumen Seal is more tolerant than other sealants to variation in the dimensions of well rings.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy/Lohja Plant
Country of origin Finland
Rolls size 3,5 m and 14 m
Packages / pallet 272 pcs / 68 pcs
Weight / package 2,6 / 10,4 kg
Weight / pallet 722 kg


Kerabit Modified Bitumen Seal can be used to seal seams between the rings in drain gullies, as well as between precast concrete units and pipes, and to seal transversal and longitudinal joints in district heating elements.

Instructions for use

The surfaces to be sealed must be cleaned of dust, grime and loose material using a brush. If necessary, the surfaces must be dried using a gas flame, taking into account the safety instructions and regulations regarding hot work. In order to ensure the best possible tightness, we recommend that Kerabit BIL 20/85 bitumen solution be applied to the area to be sealed.

Before installation, cut the Kerabit Modified Bitumen Seal to the correct length. The sealant is joined with the joints cut diagonally. In cold conditions, the surface of the strip and concrete can be carefully heated using a gas flame. The strip should be heated only to the point where its surface becomes oily.

Kerabit Modified Bitumen Seal can be transported to a waste reception station as mixed waste. The package and the plastic wrap are recyclable.