Kerabit Modified Bitumen KB 100/50

Kerabit Modified Bitumen KB 100/50 is a hot-applied, elastic modified bitumen for bonding bitumen membranes. This product contains bitumen and SBS elastomer.

Mass is elastic at low temperatures.

This product does not meet the SILKO product requirements for hot-applied joint sealing compounds.  


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy/Lohja Plant
Country of origin Finland
Need for materials 1,0 - 2,0 kg / m²
Packages / pallet 49 packages
Weight / package 17,5 kg
Weight / pallet 882,5 kg
Penetration, 25 °C 25 - 55 1/10 mm
Softening point 100…110 °C
Flashpoint > 250
Density, 15 °C n. 1000 kg / m3


For bonding modified bitumen membranes. For applying an insulating solution with a brush on concrete surfaces, such as bridge edge beams. For applying an insulating solution on bridge steel decks  with a brush before the mastic insulation is applied. Can also be used in the sealing of horizontal seams and cracks. Adheres well on clean asphalt, concrete and metal surfaces.

Instructions for use

Elastomer modified bitumen is a hot-applied product. Bitumen must be heated using a bitumen boiler equipped with a thermometer, a thermostat and an automatic heat regulation system. The mixing and application temperature must be 200...220°C. In the mixing phase, care must be taken to prevent modified bitumen from being overheated locally, as that would damage the elastomer.

For more detailed instructions, consult the product description.