Kerabit BIL 105/85 Cold Bitumen

Cold Bitumen is a cold-applied, thick bitumen solution, containing adhesion improving agents. This solution is black in colour.

Mix before use. Not for use indoors.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy/Lohja Plant
Country of origin Denmark
Drying time 2 - 4 hours at +20 °C
Need for materials 0,3 - 0,5 l / m²
Container Size 5 and 10 l


Moistureproofing of concrete surfaces and walls. Not for use indoors.

Instructions for use

Clean the surfaces of loose matter and dirt. Apply Kerabit 20/85 pre-treatment solution to the surfaces. Brush or roll the surfaces at least twice with Kerabit BIL 105/85 cold bitumen. The material need is 0.3 - 0.5 l/m2 per application. Let the cold bitumen fully dry before repeated application. Drying time 3 – 4 hours at +20 oC. Clean the tools with white spirit.


To be stored in a closed container in a dry place protected from sunlight. To be stored at room temperature for a minimum of 1 day before use.

Prevention of environmental hazards

This product must not be poured into a sewer. Liquid waste must be transported to a waste collection point for hazardous waste.  Empty, dry containers can be recycled or, if this option is unavailable, transported to a public landfill.