Kerabit Eaves Strip

Kerabit Eaves Strip is a modified bitumen strip for the lower eave of a bitumen shingle roof. 

The carrier of the product consists of strong polyester with a modified bitumen coating on both sides. The underside surface is coated with adhesive bitumen and the top with slate granulates.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Kerabit Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Finland
Quality control Quality control carried out at the Plant quality control and a quality control agreement between the Plant andEurofins Expert Services Oy
Nominal thickness approx. 3,6 mm
Nominal weight 4000 - 4400 g/m²
Weight of the supportive layer 150 - 180 g/m²
Supportive layer reinforced polyester
Surface type

slate granulates /slag (black)


Rolls size 0,25 x 10 m
Colours black, grey, red, brown, green, grey-white, red-black, brown-black, green-black, copper, midnight black
Packages / pallet 100 rolls
Weight / package 10 - 11 kg
Weight / pallet 1025 - 1115 kg

effective length 10 lm/roll