Kerabit Ridge Vent 0,58 m

A ridge vent improves ventilation of the roof structure. It is suitable for small houses with bitumen roofs with an inclination of 1:1 to 1:5.  

The ridge vents ventilate the roof structure while keeping water and snow outside. Fresh air comes in through the eaves. It is very important to ensure that the ventilation works well, because it prevents the formation of condensation water, which also prevents the growth of mould or microbes in the roof structures.

The ridge vent is black in colour. The vents are installed on the ridge one after another using snap joints. It is recommended that you install a Kerabit Ridge Vent Strip (320 mm) in the roof colour on top of them.

Please note that the ridge vent has changed in the summer of 2016. The dimensions of the previous model were different (length: 1.22 m, width on top: 290 mm).


Ridge Vent measurements:

  • length 0,58 m
  • width 320 mm
  • hight 30 mm

Package size: 12 pcs/package.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy
Country of origin Finland
Production material polypropylene
Colours black
Packages / pallet 12 boxes/pallet
Weight / package 9,1 kg/box