Kerabit Bitumen triangle fillet

The Kerabit bitumen triangle fillet® is a triangle batten made from rubber bitumen. It is used in waterproofing upturns to even out angles and prevent excessively sharp bends in the bitumen membrane.

The product is suitable for foundations, for example, to replace cast cove flare-outs at the joint of the foundation and plinth.

Many good features

  • Can be waterproofed immediately
  • Can be affixed by the person applying the water insulation in conjunction with membrane application, using the same tools
  • Installed by means of firm torsching to the horizontal or vertical surface; improve the water tightness of joints
  • The bitumen membrane forms a seamless bond with the cove strip, since both are made of the same base material
  • Moulds to the contours of the base, bends to curved shapes and conforms to small irregularities in the surface
  • No material loss
  • Also suitable for wooden structures
  • Rot-proof
  • A softer version for winter use is also available, which is suitable for sealing gaps between the footing and asphalt or tiling.

The fillet is available in two sizes: 40x40 mm and 50x50 mm. The larger size is suitable for yard decks with multiple membrane layers, for example.

One box contains 18.7 rm (40x40 mm) or 8,8 rm (50x50 mm) of fillet.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja factory
Country of origin Finland
Production material Elastic modified bitumen
Dimensions 40x40 mm or 50x50 mm, lenght 1,1 m
Packages / pallet 36 packages
Weight / package 24,6 kg
Weight / pallet 886 kg

Store bitumen triangle fillets in their boxes and the boxes on an even surface.