Benefits of Bitumen Roofing

All roofing materials have their own benefits.

Tuotekuva_Bitumikaton hyvät puolet

Below are a few arguments in favour of choosing a bitumen roof. Bitumen roofs, also known as felt roofs, have several benefits:

  • durable - rubber bitumen roofs installed in the 1970s are still in use
  • quiet - you cannot hear the rain indoors
  • elastic - suitable for roofs with a complex form
  • thanks to the rough surface, snow stays on the roof and does not fall on passers-by
  • the appearance of the roofing lasts as the years pass: the surface does not rust, become loose or fade
  • there are plenty of options – there is a technically and aesthetically suitable option available for any roof
  • there are products available up to a pitch ratio of 1:20 that do-it-yourself builders can install on their own (easy to work with a blade hook utility knife)
  • durable and compact: a solid wood underlay increases tightness and stabilises the structure of the whole house
  • economic as a whole (whole structure + installation + maintenance).

Why choose Kerabit?

Kerabit is a high-quality Finnish bitumen brand. Kerabit bitumen roofing bears the Key Flag symbol as a sign of high-quality Finnish work. Kerabit bitumen roofing has been manufactured in our factory in Lohja since 1955, at first as the brand Pikipoika and since 2003 as Kerabit.