Pyörre house to have Kerabit Nature roofing

The Kerabit Nature® is a low-carbon bitumen roofing. It is therefore ideal for covering the circular economy pioneering house Pyörre at the Lohja Housing Fair. The carbon footprint and carbon handprint of the house designed by Matti Kuittinen correspond to the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment that enters into force in 2025.

Aulis Lundell Oy and architect Matti Kuittinen are jointly responsible for building the low-carbon circular economy model house Pyörre at the Lohja Housing Fair in summer 2021.

Nordic Waterproofing Oy is involved in the project by supplying the low-carbon roofing, Kerabit Nature®. “Our product fits this project like a glove,” says Product Manager Mikko Nikander. It is great to be involved in Pyörre.

In the products of the Kerabit Nature® range, a significant part of the main raw material, bitumen, is replaced with tall oil, which makes the product low-carbon. The manufacture of the products started last year, and it looks good. The use of tall oil does not affect the technical characteristics or appearance of the products.

To be more exact, the roofing of the Pyörre house is Kerabit Nature LESSNOX®. This means that the product has LESSNOX® coating that breaks down nitrogen oxides produced by transport and industry that are harmful to humans and nature. In addition, the sprinkle is lighter than usual, helping to reduce the temperature of the roof and thus reducing the need for cooling in the interior under the roof.

“We see the development of environmentally friendly products as very important,” says Mikko Nikander.



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