Kerabit Nature

Kerabit Nature is low-carbon roofing, the manufacture of which causes approximately 25% lower carbon emissions than conventional bitumen roofing. The Nature range includes suitable products for all roofs. Nature products have as good technical characteristics as conventional bitumen roofing.

Kerabit Nature tuotesivukuva

We have developed the Kerabit Nature® low-carbon product line, which serves environmentally friendly construction. The low-carbon status is achieved, for example, by replacing some of the traditional raw materials with bio-based raw materials and recycled materials. Kerabit Nature products include suitable options for all roofs.

Carbon emissions from water roofing may account for up to a quarter of the emissions from materials used in construction. You can have a significant effect on the low-carbon status of your building by choosing low-emission roofing. The carbon emissions during the manufacture of Kerabit Nature® products are approximately 25% lower than for corresponding basic products.  

Apart from environmental impact, the characteristics of the products correspond to the analogous basic products. We are especially careful about the waterproofing properties – we don’t compromise on them! Kerabit Nature® products are manufactured at our Lohja factory and carry the Key Flag Symbol.  


Kerabit Titan Nature

The joint-sealed roofing Kerabit Titan Nature is suitable for roofs with a slope of 1:2 – 1:20.

Kerabit 2600 UB Fleece Nature

A modified bitumen underlay membrane for discontinuous roofings.

Kerabit 3300 UTL Nature

Torch-on venting underlay

Kerabit 4100 UT Nature

Torch-on underlay

Kerabit 5100 T Nature

Torch-on top membrane. Five colour options

Kerabit LESSNOX Nature

Kerabit LESSNOX Nature is a choise for the environment.