Kerabit Nature

Kerabit Nature is low-carbon roofing, the manufacture of which causes approximately 59% lower carbon emissions (GWPtotal) than conventional bitumen roofing. However, the technical properties of Kerabit Nature® products are equal to those of standard Kerabit bitumen roofing. The Kerabit Nature® range includes suitable products for all roofs.

Kerabit Nature tuotesivukuva

The Kerabit Nature® low-carbon product line developed by Kerabit serves environmentally-friendly construction. The low-carbon status of Kerabit Nature® roofing is achieved, for example, by replacing some of the traditional raw materials with bio-based raw materials and recycled materials. All Kerabit Nature® products are manufactured at our Lohja factory and carry the Key Flag Symbol.

Reduce the carbon footprint of buildings

Carbon emissions from roofing manufacturing can account for up to a quarter of the emissions from materials used in construction. Therefore, you can have a significant effect on the low-carbon status of the building by choosing low-emission roofing. The carbon emissions (GWPtota) during the manufacture of Kerabit Nature® products are approximately 59 % lower than for corresponding basic products.

Durable and recyclable bitumen coating

With the exception of environmental impact, the technical properties of Kerabit Nature® products are equal to those of basic products of the same type. We pay particular attention to the waterproofing properties of all our bitumen roofing products.

In addition, Kerabit Nature® products have a long service life, as do all Kerabit bitumen roofing products. At the end of their service life, Kerabit Nature® products are to be delivered for recycling in accordance with local waste legislation.


Kerabit Titan Nature

The joint-sealed roofing Kerabit Titan Nature is suitable for roofs with a slope of 1:2 – 1:20.

Kerabit 2600 UB Fleece Nature

A modified bitumen underlay membrane for discontinuous roofings.

Kerabit 3300 UTL Nature

Torch-on venting underlay

Kerabit 4100 UT Nature

Torch-on underlay

Kerabit 5100 T Nature

Torch-on top membrane. Five colour options

Kerabit LESSNOX Nature

Kerabit LESSNOX Nature is a choise for the environment.