Kerabit Eaves / Verge Flashing

Eaves are finished off with eaves flashings that direct water away from the structure. For lower eaves, Kerabit Eave Flashing is used. Depending on the structure the gable eaves are finished with 

  • Kerabit Eaves flashing with ridge
  • Kerabit Verge  flashing for triangular batten and facing board or
  • Kerabit Eaves flashing.  

The flashings are made of galvanized and polyurethane-coated steel and the color options are grey RR 23 and black RR 33. The length of the flashing is two metres. 

The corner pieces are no longer included in our product sortiment. 


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Kerabit Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Finland
Colours grey RR 23 and black RR33
Weight / package Eave Flashing 16,7 kg, Verge Flashing for triangle batten 14,3 kg and Verge Flalshing with ridge 10,3 kg

During storage, flashing must be protected from exposure to sunlight.