Kerabit Aurinkokatto® is a unique thin film panel solution which is integrated in a bitumen membrane roof. In contrast to conventional solar power systems, the solar panels are installed without separate support structures, This minimises the wind load and risk of storm damage.

Thanks to the Kerabit Solar membrane we have developed, the light and flexible thin film panels can be fully integrated into the bitumen roofing without any penetration fastenings that could potentially cause leaks. The system is always installed by a water insulation professional.

Kerabit Aurinkokatto® has been tested by VTT Technical Research Centre Finland and it meets the requirements of fire classification BROOF(t2).

Structural images

Light, thin and unnoticeable

The system is only about 6 mm thick and weighs roughly 7 kg/m2. Support structures that rise above the roof surface are not needed at all, and the system can also be installed on curved surfaces. The solution is almost entirely unnoticeable and has very little impact on the building’s appearance.

Versatile use

Kerabit Aurinkokatto® can be installed in new buildings and the bitumen roofing of existing buildings. This enables the introduction of solar power in conjunction with renovations, which was previously thought impossible for structural reasons. The solution is more suitable for wool roofs than the traditional system, since the support structures and their weight are no longer there to cause depressions.

Accessible and durable

With the Kerabit Aurinkokatto® system, panels do not limit mobility on the bitumen roof. All statutory roof safety inspections, snow clearing tasks and other maintenance measures can be performed as before. The protective covering film developed by 3M stays very clean and withstands walking.

Since the panels are fully attached to the roof, the system does not accumulate snow, ice or leaves under it.

Advanced technology that shines on low-slope roof surfaces

The CIGS panels can take advantage of the full daylight hours, including sunrise and sunset, since the system does not need to be directed according to compass points.

Kerabit Aurinkokatto® enables you to efficiently harness the low-slope bitumen roofs of large buildings, such as industrial facilities, office buildings and blocks of flats, for energy production. For example, roofs of ventilation machine rooms and lift shafts are often positioned optimally for the utilisation of solar energy.

In many buildings, such as shopping centres, with vast and low-sloped roof surfaces, the need for cooling energy is at its peak at the same time as the production of solar energy.

Kerabit Aurinkokatto® is an investment in the future

The Kerabit Aurinkokatto® system increases the value of the property and improves its energy classification. By investing in solar energy, you can reduce your electricity bill for decades and leave a cleaner future for the coming generations. Green, renewable and local energy production!


The Kerabit Aurinkokatto® system is always installed by trained technicians.