Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane, with sand finish

Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane is a torch-on modified bitumen membrane of product classification 2. Intended for green roofs and decks, it is used to protect green roof waterproofing against roots.

The carrier is of strong polyester. The product has a sand finish on the surface, and it is designed to act as the topmost layer in a green roof waterproofing. Membranes with sand finish provide more positive end seams than granulated surface membranes, for plant roots can find their way through even smaller pores than water can. For the best result, heat the finish on the lower membrane at the root prevention membrane end seams and then press it into the bitumen with a trowel before applying the torch to the seam.

Made in Finland and tested according to standard EN 13948 (FLL method), Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane meets the strict requirements set for green roof root barriers.

Both edges on the Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane’s upper surface sides are granule-free. As one edge remains visible, areas with root barrier are easy to detect afterwards.


  •  for details that remain visible and exposed to sun rays, use the Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane Grey product with a granulated finish
  •  liquefied gas torch and hot work licence
Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Finland
Conformity marking CE
Reaction to fire Manufacturer’s declaration of fire test
Fire Classification


Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity Kerabit modified bitumen membranes
Quality control Plant quality control and Eurofins Expert Services Ltd’s quality assurance agreement
SFS-labeling K-MS 170/4000 hits.
Product category TL 2
Nominal thickness n. 3,5 mm
Nominal weight 4000 g/m²
Weight of the supportive layer 170 g/m²
Supportive layer polyester
Surface type


Rolls size 1 x 10 m / 10 m²
Colours sand
Packages / pallet 24 pcs
Weight / package 40 kg
Weight / pallet 985 kg
Other considerations tested according to standard EN 13948, FLL method

Field of application

The product is used on green roofs and decks as the topmost waterproofing layer.

Handling and storage information

Modified bitumen membranes are stored on pallets in a dry and cool place in an upright position. The rolls must be protected with plastic hoods or tarps. In temperatures in excess of +40 °C, the rolls must be stored away from sunlight.