Kerabit Green Roof Drain Frame

Kerabit Green Roof Drain Frame is intended to be used as a vegetation barrier around the drain, protecting it against blockages. The frame is made of strong acid-resistant steel well-suited to withstand any stress found in green roof systems. The drainage outlets on the frame allow water to flow through the drainage layer further to the drain.

The product consists of four identical pieces that are assembled together on-site. The corners feature installation holes for the included pop rivets used to attach the pieces together. The drain frame is installed on top of the green roof’s drainage layer, such as Platon DE 25 sheets or Kerabit QDrain. The filter fabric, substrate and vegetation come on top of the frame’s flange. The filter fabric can be turned up to the top edge of the frame. If desired, the inner part of the drain frame can be filled with pebbles – which act as an additional filtering layer and finish the appearance of the roof – or left empty, leaving the membrane (grey Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane) visible. Kerabit Flood Guard with leaf grate can be installed on the inside of the drain frame for additional protection.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Finland
Production material acid-resistant steel
Nominal thickness material thickness 1.0 mm
Dimensions 970 x 970 mm (outer flange dimension), 630 x 630 mm (inner frame dimension)

The height of the frame is 132 mm. The 6 x 50 mm drain holes on the frame are located 70 mm from the bottom edge. The frame attachment holes are 3.4 mm in size.

The product is registered as a Community design (EUIPO). © Nordic Waterproofing Oy