Kerabit Damp-proof courses

Kerabit Damp-proof courses are intended to serve as capillary breaks between the footing and the foundation as well as between the foundation and walls. The strips are made of SBS-bitumen and they feature a sand or powder coating.

A wide range of sizes is available, with some products suitable for torching.



Kerabit sealing adhesive for sealing seams and details.

Manufacturer / Manufactured for Kerabit Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Finland
Conformity marking CE mark
Quality control Quality control agreement between the Plant and Eurofins Expert Services Oy
Specific thickness 2,2 - 4,4 mm depending on the product
Nominal weight 2100 - 5000 g/m² depending on the product
Surface type

sand or slate granule

Rolls size 0,1x10 m, 0,15x10 m, 0,20x10 m, 0,25x10 m, 0,33x8 m torch-on and 0,5x8 m torch-on