Veg Tech VT-Filt felt mat

Veg Tech VT-Filt is a water-retaining felt mat intended for Xeroflor sedum roofs. Its water retention capacity is approximately 8 L/m2 (as the roof pitch increases, the water retention capacity is reduced). The product is approximately 10 mm thick and weighs roughly 1,200 g/m2. The felt mat is manufactured from heat-treated recycled textile fibre. The felt mat is installed before the Xeroflor sedum-moss blanket.

Made to order.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Kerabit Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Lithuania
Production material heat-treated recycled textile fibre (80% polypropylene/polyester/polyamide/acrylic/viscose, 20% cotton)
Nominal thickness 10 mm
Nominal weight 1200 g/m²
Rolls size 1,25 x 16,0 m (20 m²/pc)
Water reservoir 8 l/m²
Packages / pallet 12 pcs (240 m²)
Weight / package 24 kg/pc

Product number 15999


Storage in a dry place.


The felt mat is installed with butt seams on top of the drainage layer. Ensure that the seams do not meet at the same point. We recommend to wet the felt mat before installing the sedum layer. See the instruction ‘Information on the installation of the Veg Tech sedum-moss roof’. See the instruction ‘Information on the installation and maintenance of green roof products’ for more information.