Kerabit Nature asphalt repair compound

The Kerabit Nature asphalt repair compound is an immediately usable and solvent-free cold repair compound for patching potholes and cracks in asphalt.

It is made from a binding agent consisting of bitumen and bio oil as well as rock aggregate. The aggregate granule size is 0–8 mm. The compound hardens as a result of the combined effect of pressure and moisture. If necessary, the material can watered before compacting to accelerate the hardening process. The ratio is 2 l of water per 20 kg of compound. The repair compound can be also be used to smooth kerbstones, repair manhole cover frames and fill in sawed grooves. The compound can be loaded immediately after installation.

Can be used in summer and winter conditions.



Manufacturer / Manufactured for Kerabit Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Sweden
Need for materials 20 kg / m² (as a 1 cm layer)
Container Size 20 kg
Packages / pallet 33 buckets
Weight / package 20 kg
Weight / pallet 685 kg

Instructions for use

Clear any debris from the area to be repaired carefully. Fill the spot will gravel or sand and compact the material firmly. For the repair compound, the thickness of the area to be repaired must be 1–4 cm. Spread the repair compound and, if necessary, moisten it with two litres of water per each 20 kg of compound. Compact the compound with a compactor or by driving a vehicle over it multiple times.

The product must be stored in the original packaging protected from moisture and sun.