Kerabit Pikisaumo Sealing Compound

Pikisaumo is suitable for sealing horizontal movement joints and cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces. This product meets the SILKO product requirements set for hot-applied N2* joint sealing compounds.

Pikisaumo is hot-applied modified bitumen compound that contains no substances hazardous to health. Compound is highly elastic at low temperatures.

* Compound type N2: for closing contraction joints and cracks in surfacing; for sealing joints between edge beams and the surfacing, between the curb stone and the surfacing, and between the support strip and the surfacing.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy/Lohja Plant
Country of origin Finland
Need for materials depending on target
Packages / pallet 49 pcs
Weight / package 18 kg
Weight / pallet 907 kg
Density approx. 1050 kg / m3
Penetration, 25 °C 40...100 1/10 mm
Softening point 100...115 °C
Flashpoint > 250 °C


Sealing movement joints.

Instructions for use

Pikisaumo sealing compound must be heated using a bitumen pot equipped with a thermometer, a thermostat and an automatic heat regulation system. The temperature must not exceed 200 °C. Sealing and filling cracks is best carried out using a bitumen pouring can made for spreading bitumen. It is important that the surfaces to be repaired are dry and dust-free. When sealing, adhesion is enhanced if the surfaces are heated or if the Kerabit KBL 20/100 modified bitumen solution is applied to them.

For more detailed instructions, consult the product description.