Reference: Replacement of the Myyrmanni roof

Solutions that will be appreciated by posterity

A major roof renewal project was carried out last year at the Myyrmanni shopping centre in Myyrmäki in Vantaa. A total of 1.6 hectares, or more than 16,000 square metres, of new roof were built. The roof renovation was carried out using the low-carbon roofing, Kerabit Nature.

Watch the video (in Finnish) of the project leaders’ reflections on the progress of the renovation and material choices.

Thomas Stenius Citycon

Thomas Stenius, Property Manager at Citycon, says that it was not just a question of waterproofing – the roof residents were also taken into account.

“For us, the roof is more than just a roof. It is also our solar power plant and the backyard of our beehives,” Stenius says.

The choice of roofing material was strongly influenced by environmental values and domestic origin.

“Kerabit Nature combines many things that are important to us: it is a domestic product, it has a part of the oil-based raw material replaced with tall oil, and it is also a recyclable product. It fits in very well with our responsibility values,” Stenius continues.

Jyrki Linden Katto2000

Contractor Jyrki Linden of Katto 2000 was responsible for the implementation of the project. He sees the new low-carbon product as a boost for the industry and as a potential competitive advantage for a contractor offering it.

“There has been nothing new in the industry for many years, so it is good that we are getting new products on the market. At the same time, Kerabit Nature is a competitive advantage for us, and the customers have been very interested in this product.”

Jaakko Suvinen Innocate

Building Consultant Jaakko Suvinen of Innocate Oy, who designed Myyrmanni’s roof renovation, explains the material choices from the designer’s point of view.

“We ended up with the Kerabit Nature membrane because there will be a large number of solar panels on the roof of the property. These panels are two-sided, which means that energy is also recovered from the back, and the light membrane helps with that. The structure of the roof also remains cooler when a light-coloured membrane is used,” Suvinen says.

Choosing Nature was also influenced by long-term thinking.

“We are a company that also thinks about environmental issues, and Kerabit Nature reflects that thinking. Future generations will be grateful for these solutions,” Suvinen concludes.