Green roof waterproofing and root barrier protection

Special attention should be paid to the waterproofing and root barrier protection in the green roof. We have a special membrane for root barrier protection, namely Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane.

Green roofs should be waterproofed carefully using appropriate torch-applied modified bitumen membranes of the correct product classification. The topmost waterproofing layer can be made of Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane that prevents the roots of the plants from penetrating the waterproofing layer.

Depending on the decking, roof pitch and structural design, the following Kerabit underlay membranes may be used:

  • Kerabit 4100 UT torch-on, TL 2
  • Kerabit 3300 UTL line-torch-on, TL 2
  • Kerabit 3000 U glued with molten bitumen, TL 2
  • Kerabit 3000 UB with adhesive edges, TL 2

Kerabit 4100 UT, TL 2, may be used as an intermediate layer. For the top membrane, we recommend Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane, TL 2.

Kerabit 4100 UT

Torch-on underlay

Kerabit 3300 UTL

Torch-on venting underlay

Kerabit 3000 U

Underlay, which is bonded in hot bitumen.

Kerabit 3000 UB

An underlay with adhesive edge to go under tile and tin roofings. The carrier consists of strong polyester.

Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane

Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane is a TL 2-classified, torch-on, UV resistant green roof root barrier.

Kerabit Root Prevention Membrane, with sand finish

TL 2, torch-on root prevention membrane with sand finish for green roofs.