Accessories to Kerabit bitumen roof

All needed accessories to bitumen roofs are to be found in our product range

The details of the roof are important as both from the aspect of the functionality as  well as the finishing. When the right products are chosen and the assembly carried out carefully, the roof will become more functional, clearer and  long-lasting.

Bitumen accessories are in all colors.



Kerabit Ridge Vent 0,58 m

Ridge vents will secure good ventilation in the roof structure.

Kerabit Ridge Vent Strip 0,32 m

SBS rubber modified bitumen strip for the top of the Kerabit Ridge Vents 0,58 m.

Kerabit Ridge Shingle

SBS rubber modified bitumen ridge cap for the ridge of bitumen shingle roof.

Kerabit Valley Membrane

SBS rubber modified bitumen underlay for valleys and chimney and wall upturns.

Kerabit Eaves/Ridge Shingle Easy

Eave and ridge shingle for Kerabit K Easy bitumen roofing.

Kerabit Eaves Strip

SBS rubber modified bitumen strip for the lower eaves of a bitumen shingle roof.

Kerabit Eaves / Verge Flashing

Eaves flashing and verge flashing direct water away from the eaves structure.