Veg Tech Xeroflor® sedum-moss blanket

Veg Tech Xeroflor® sedum-moss blanket is pre-grown vegetation that is particularly well suited for green roofs.

The frame of the blanket consists of a three-dimensional polyamide net attached to non-woven polypropylene fabric. It is covered by high-quality mineral substrate whose organic content is <5%. The vegetation consists of approximately 12 different sedum species and mosses. The conditions, such as moisture and light, influence which species are best suited for such a growing medium.

Sedum-moss blankets are delivered as sheets piled on top of one another on a 20 m² pallet. The vegetation blankets must be installed as soon as they arrive because they do not withstand storage on a pallet.

The Veg Tech structure is usually particularly well suited for sites which cannot accommodate a thicker growing medium due to its weight. A VT-Filt felt mat and Xerodrän drainage layer as well as a waterproofing membrane with root barriers should be installed underneath the vegetation blanket.

The fire rating is BROOF(t2). Suitable for roof pitches 1:2...1:50.

The minimum order quantity is two pallets, ie about 40 m2.


Country of origin Sweden
Fire Classification


Production material The frame of the vegetation blanket consists of non-woven polypropylene fabric and a three-dimensional polyamide net, which is filled with a mineral substrate and has pre-grown sedum and moss vegetation. The raw materials used for the substrate include sand, clay mineral, lava rock and compost soil. The organic content is <5%.
Nominal thickness 30 mm
Nominal weight Delivery weight 25-40 kg/m² depending on the moisture content; when watery, approximately 50 kg/m²
Rolls size 0,8x1,0 m (0,8 m²/pc)
Packages / pallet 25 pcs (20 m²)

Product number: 15998

Sedum species present in the blankets:

  • Sedum acre
  • Sedum album
  • Sedum album var. 'Murale'
  • Sedum album var. 'Coral carpet'
  • Sedum sexangulare
  • Hylotelephium ewersii
  • Phedimus ellacombianus
  • Phedimus floriferus var. 'Weihenstephaner Gold'
  • Phedimus hybridus var. 'Czar&acute;s Gold'
  • Phedimus kamtschaticus
  • Phedimus spurius var. 'Coccineum'
  • Phedimus spurius var. 'Summer glory'


Sedum-moss blankets should be installed on the day of arrival because they do not withstand storage. 


We recommend that two persons lift the sedum-moss blankets. The blankets are installed using butt seams, which are finished with the joint sealant included in the delivery. The vegetation is watered until wet right after the installation. The Veg Tech green roof should be fertilised for the first time next spring. See the instruction ‘Information on the installation of the Veg Tech sedum-moss roof’. See the instruction ‘Information on the installation and maintenance of green roof products’ for more information.


The sedum blanket can be recycled after use. The soil/vegetation, filter cloth and net can be detached from each other.