Kerabit Protect

Kerabit Protect is a diffusion-open underlay. This product consists of two layers of polypropylene fabric interlayered by a microporous polypropylene sheet.

Kerabit Protect can be installed directly on the surface of thermal insulation. However, a provision must be made for a ventilation gap between the roofing and the underlay.


  • Tyvek Windbarrier tape for seaming, repairing and waterproofing the underlay
  • Isola FlexWrap for fastening the underlay to a chimney and for lead-throughs.
  • Kerabit Butyl Strip for fastening the underlay to the eaves flashings and the laths and the underlay
Manufacturer / Manufactured for Kerabit Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Czech
Conformity marking CE
Fire Classification

category E

Nominal weight 132 g/m²
Rolls size 1,5 x 50 m / 75 m²
Colours grey
Packages / pallet 36 rlls
Weight / package 9,7 kg
Weight / pallet 375 kg