Maintenance and repair of the roof

Check the condition of the roof at least twice every year.

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It is preferable to check the roof in the springtime after the snow has melted, and when the trees have shed their leaves in the autumn. Brush off debris and leaves from the roof, remove any moss and clean the eave troughs. If moss formation on the roof cannot be removed by brushing only, use a moss remover agent designed for bitumen roofing.

Pay particular attention to the roofing seams and the joints of the upturns at the outlets. In winters with heavy snowfall, observe the snow load on the roof and, where necessary, remove excess snow.

Take precautions to prevent mechanical damage in advance

Heavy and hard objects such as bits of ice, icicles and dry tree branches falling from higher rooftops or trees can cause damage to the roof. Whenever moving about on the roof, wear sneakers or similar soft-soled footwear. Remove snow using plastic tools and implements and leave a protective snow layer of about 10 cm thick on the roof. Repair any minor damage as soon as possible. You can re-attach sheet metal parts and caulk any small holes in the top membrane yourself without resorting to professional help. Any major repairs, however, should be performed by a bitumen roofing professional. The sooner and more effectively you eliminate any detected risk factor, the better you will prevent more severe damage.