Green roof edge trim, perforated HST steel

The perforated green roof edge trim can be used to give a finished look to the lower eaves. The edge trim is also used to provide a vegetation barrier in other places. The perforated profile allows unobstructed drainage of excess water from the lower eaves. Made of acid-resistant steel that is best suited to withstanding any stress found in green roof systems. The trims are two metres long. They come with an extension piece. 

For a construction example, refer to the detailed drawing, which indicates the installation order of the flashings and their connection to the waterproofing.

For more detailed information, refer to ‘Information on the installation and maintenance of green roof products‘.



Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy
Country of origin Finland
Production material acid-resistant steel
Nominal thickness 0,7 mm
Dimensions Length 2,0 m, height 80 mm, flange width 150 mm