Kerabit LESSNOX is an environmentally-friendly top membrane that breaks up hazardous nitric oxides.

Traffic, burning of wood and waste and manufacturing industry cause nitric oxide emissions that reduce the quality of respiratory air and have a harmful effect on the environment.

Kerabit LESSNOX® is a beneficial choice for the environment. The LESSNOX® top-coated bitumen roofing material helps to break up the hazardous nitric oxides. The residue nitrates nourish nature and natural plants.

LESSNOX® breaks up hazardous nitric oxides

  • The UV rays of the sun break up nitric oxides.
  • The titanium oxide coated sprinkle speeds up the process.
  • The UV rays of the sun transform the nitric oxide into nitrates.
  • The rain then washes off the nitrates from the roof.
  • The plants, trees and shrubs make use of the nitrates.


Kerabit LESSNOX is a choise for the environment.