Kerabit QDrain drainage layer

Kerabit QDrain ZW 8 12 P drainage layer is a geocomposite consisting of a 3D monofilament core sandwiched between two filter fabrics.

QDrain drainage layer provides excellent water-carrying capacity also under load. The product retained its excellent water-carrying capacity when tested with a 200 kPa load.

QDrain is particularly suitable for exterior deck structures installed between the waterproofing and thermal insulation.

QDrain can also be used as a drainage layer in green roofs as well as light-weight and inverted green roof constructions. In green roof constructions, QDrain is always installed on top of the root prevention membrane and other waterproofing membrane layers. In inverted constructions, QDrain is installed on top of the membranes before the thermal insulation.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohjan plant
Country of origin Italy
Conformity marking CE
Production material polypropylene, no recycled plastic
Nominal thickness 8 mm
Nominal weight 990 g/m²
Rolls size 2 x 35 m
Packages / pallet 4 pcs
Weight / package 69,3 kg