Kerabit Drain 8 drainage plate

Kerabit Drain 8 is a drainage plate that utilises studs and that has Typar filter fabric as its top layer. The Kerabit Drain 8 drainage plate directs water excellently thanks to the space between its studs and its linear stud structure. It works even under heavy loads. The product has been tested with a load of 400 kPa.

Kerabit Drain 8 is particularly suitable for yard deck structures that require good water flow under high pressure over the waterproofing membrane.

Kerabit Drain 8 can also be used as a drainage layer in green roofs as well as lightweight and inverted green roof constructions. In green roof constructions, Kerabit Drain 8 is always installed on top of the root-resistant membrane and other waterproofing membrane layers. In inverted constructions, Kerabit Drain 8 is installed on top of the membranes before the thermal insulation.

It replaces the Kerabit QDrain drainage layer.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for Kerabit Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin Germany
Conformity marking CE
Production material HDPE, recycled
Nominal thickness 8 mm
Nominal weight 750 g/m²
Rolls size 2 x 20 m
Packages / pallet 6 rolls
Weight / package 30 kg

The product is easy and quick to install, a carpet knife is enough to cut. The product sits neatly in upturns. The side edge of the product has a 100 mm overlapping edge to facilitate installation.